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Finding the Best Artificial Grass for your home.

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Lush artificial grass

An increasing number of people are opting for synthetic grass in their gardens. And why not? With the low upkeep it requires, artificial grass is a lot better than natural grass. You would have a blissful green lawn throughout the year, without the need to ever mow it!

For those with pets and little kids, artificial grass is the best alternative for a number of reasons. Unlike natural grass, which can be easily dugout, artificial grass cannot be uprooted. Moreover, synthetic grass has a very realistic, fresh texture. Your grass would easily become your neighbour’s envy and it would keep them wondering how your grass is perennially green and fresh!

So if you’re looking to switch over to artificial grass, now is definitely the right time. And before you head over to Google to find the best artificial grass, read on. We have covered the finest artificial grass products from reputed brands in this article. Read to know more:

Best Artificial grass you

1. Artificial Grass Thick Turf (1.38″ Custom Sizes) Multi-use Fake Pet Grass Indoor/Outdoor Rug Synthetic Lawn Carpet, Faux Grass Landscape for Patio, Garden, Astroturf for Dogs with Drain Holes

Looking for the perfect faux grass four your backyard? This one from Conscience Trading is soft, lush and comes with a 1 3/8” blade height. This artificial grass is eco-friendly and completely safe for your kids as well as pets.

The multi-purposed artificial grass can be used indoors as well as outdoors. So whether it’s your patio, backyard, deck or balcony, this grass settles in well, brightening up areas of your home. Similarly, you can also use the synthetic grass for your dog’s kennel – it is smooth and eco-friendly and your dog will absolutely love it!

Thinking of sprucing up your swimming pool area with this grass? Perfect idea! You can also add a dash of creativity and use the grass to make a DIY fence. This will not only give your fence a fancy look, but will also ensure that you have some privacy in your backyard.

The synthetic grass is made of a super durable material that is easy to maintain. You wouldn’t need to mow, spray, fertilize or even water this grass – imagine the time and effort you’d be saving!

This artificial long grass is extremely easy to install, too – simply select an area where you would like to roll out the grass and you’re good to go. This astroturf with a rubber back will swiftly grip the ground. Having said this, the rubber back of this grass makes it compatible with soil, concrete areas as well as wooden floors. It also has drainage holes to ensure that liquid spillages or even pet pee drains through it and dries quickly.


  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Natural look


  • May feel a bit rough on bare feet

2. Reliancer 9PCS Artificial Grass Turf Interlocking Grass Tile Lawn Rug for Dogs Puppy Potty Pads Pet Synthetic Square Grass Carpet Golf Mat Outdoor Landscaping Indoor Flooring Decor 12”x12”

This product from Reliancer comes in a unique tiled structure and can be easily placed, thanks to its interlocking system. In a single pack, you get 9 mats, each sized 12.5” X 12.5”. The high-quality synthetic material of the grass turf is UV resistant, keeping it 15% cooler than regular turfs.

Unlike other artificial grass turfs out there, Reliancer synthetic grass is RoHS compliant and free of harmful chemicals such as lead. This makes it extremely safe for children as well as pets. The product has also passed the SGS flame retardant test, ensuring the grass rug does not burn a large area when exposed to an open flame.

The grass has an extremely life-like appearance, courtesy of the four green and brown yarns. The grass doesn’t fade when exposed to sunlight, making it look even fresher throughout the year. The 40mm pile height is super soft and thick, with great elasticity and buffering power.

Featuring drainage holes, the grass drains extremely well. This also makes it easy to clean and maintain the turf. Simply sweep and hose it with a water pipe and it will be sparkly clean!



●      Drains well

●      Doesn’t fade

●      Non-toxic

●      Flame and weather resistant


●      May break during installation

3. Premium Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 1.38inch Pile Height 3FTX10FT, High-Density Fake Faux Grass Turf, Natural and Realistic Looking Garden Pet Dog Lawn

This artificial grass from Goasis lawn features a 4-tone color and is exceptionally soft and lush. It looks as well as feels like real natural grass, thanks to its color, texture and grass length of 1.38”. The product is weather-proof and stays intact through sun and rain.

It is also eco-friendly and comes with UV protection. With this, you need not worry about your pets or kids spending hours outdoors. Pet friendly and child-safe, the mat has a slip-resistant backing, which keeps it intact.

Not just outdoors, you can consider using this amazing synthetic grass indoors, too. Yards, parks, schools or events, you can spruce up the look of any space with the beautiful, natural appearance of this grass. You could simply use it as interior decoration or a prop for theatre or film sets.

When you lay multiple pieces of this artificial turf in any desired area, ensure the grass piles in the same direction. This will give the grass an enhanced effect and an even more realistic look. The grass turf can be easily cut to fit your requirements.

When you unbox your package, there is a possibility that the grass may appear flattened. In this case, you can stroke the grass backwards with a comb to bring back its normal appearance.


●      UV rays resistant

●      Eco-friendly

●      Exceptional colour and texture


●      Not thick


4. Progoal Artificial Grass Turf Tile Fake Grass Flooring Mat Interlocking Self-draining 12”x12”, 1.7” Height (1.38in Grass)

Free of toxic chemicals, this fake grass from Progoal is precisely what you want for your little ones and pets to play freely and safely on. A total of nine pieces, this grass turf has an interlocking system that ensures it stays intact and in place.

These green grass mats will instantly beautify your space, irrespective of whether you use it indoors or outdoors. Add it to your yard, balcony patio or rooftop and these spaces will instantly turn into the most loved corners of your home. The grass turf is especially a hit among kids and pets who love its soft, lush texture.

This artificial grass installation is super easy; simply select the area you want to lay it on and start interlocking the tiles as required. You wouldn’t require any tools or adhesives to install the grass. The amazing part of this grass turf is that you can easily disassemble and reuse it in another location any time you wish to.


●      Easy to assemble and disassemble

●      Self-draining

●      Interlocking system


●      Cannot be cut to fit


5. Realistic Thick Artificial Grass Turf -Indoor Outdoor Garden Lawn Landscape Synthetic Grass Mat – Thick Fake Grass Rug 3FTX5FT

With a 136-tone colour, this grass turf will definitely trick onlookers and visitors into thinking it is real grass! Soft and lush, this product not only looks like real grass but also feels like it. This is also the reason why pets and kids love to spend hours together on this grass turf!

With a grass height of about 1.38 inches, this high-density artificial grass is eco-friendly as well as non-toxic. Made of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarns, the grass has a superior resistance to high temperatures too. It is backed with rubber that lends it a solid grip.

The turf also has draining holes that make it extremely easy to clean and maintain. If it gets wet due to rain or any other liquid spillage, the grass also dries quickly. With no need to water, mow or use pesticides, installing this artificial grass turf will save you a lot of time, effort as well as money. Free of toxins and harmful chemicals, this product is completely safe for your pets as well as your family.

The grass turf can be easily cut to fit your space requirements, making it compatible even with the smaller spaces in your home. You don’t require any additional tools or adhesives to install it. Every piece is carefully crafted to ensure consistency in colour, which makes the grass look uniform when installed.


●      Can be cut to fit required spaces

●      Self-draining design

●      Long grass


●      Insufficient size


Summing up

There’s nothing like too much green. In fact, green brings a soothing calming effect to your home. And with artificial grass, you can easily build a relaxing corner in your home without investing any extra time or effort. Easy to install and maintain, these soft, lush grass turfs will instantly add a dash of green to your home.

With this article, we hope we have helped you find the best artificial grass for your home.


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