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Best Bedroom Ideas for Average Height of a 13 Year Old Teens

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Teen bedroom ideas should represent the styles and outlook of a teen. Whether you’re studying, sleeping, or staring at your mobile screen, you probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom. So you may as well make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, teens require a place to stash their possessions and invite some friends over from time to time which requires space, so the room must have stash space to clean up the clutter regularly, like a storage cabinet beside the cupboards. Things should be incorporated according to an average height of a 13 year old teen, like the wardrobe space, and should include plenty of drawers to maintain things in order. Teaching order to teens this way is essential for their growth as an adult. Don’t buy storage items that you know your teens will outgrow as teenagers are a different generation every year. Here are some creative ideas are given below:

Come Up With a Subtle Theme

The theme is everything when decorating or setting a room. You should select the theme first according to the age and interests of teens. You can always take expert opinions from experts or watch lots of YouTube and get ideas from Pinterest to guide you to be more efficient.

Choose the Right Bed

A full bed and mattress frequently are ideal according to the average height of a 13 year old teen. It gives plenty of space to relax out but doesn’t feel overly spacious for one person. If a bedroom is smaller, high and mid-sleeper beds are a great choice. They offer pretty good storage and an area for a table and even a sofa for resting.

Add a Study/Workspace

A study/workspace in the bedroom is essential for school or college-going teens to do their homework, and this place should look creative and fun. This bedroom corner has to be made into a space you want to hang out in. this should consider a place for study, hobbies, and on and off gaming or simply a place to sit, relax and read a book.

No one stops you from making this corner stylish, but it needs a practical touch by contrasting it with the rest of the room. You can also add a beautiful lamp to add to the look of this place.

Add Neon Lighting and Fairy Lights

A beautiful neon light with some aesthetic quote or your name will always add to the look of a teen’s room, and also waterproof bendable copper twinkle lights overhead for playful relaxing light are recommended.

Get Aesthetically Pleasing Wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for their rooms, ask their advice or match it up with their favorite poster, a celebrity or a game character. This design will look terrific and can be shown off to their friends. The suitable wallpaper can add a lot to the look of your room. The room’s wallpaper should blend with the theme of the room by coloring the beds and its accessories with a similar color or a little contrast to blend in the balance of their age.

Art Display

Art displays are a very creative and cheap way to add to the visual of any place. Art pieces like big paint frames and painted lamps or plant pots add a lot to your room aesthetically. Try fixing picture frames at appropriate heights on the wall above the bed and layering them up and also can add photos of your teen’s choice for an artistic display.

Add Soft Textiles for Coziness

Make their room nice and cozy by spreading matching sheets with the theme of their room to enhance the look and feel of the room. A small cozy corner would also be ideal according to the average height of a 13 year old teen.

Add Pops of Color

certain people like to keep everything decent and inclined toward pastel tones, but that sometimes seems boring, so in that case, just a little pop-up of a color that compliments your theme would work for you in adding a striking look to your teen’s room. This brilliant pop-up can be anything, for example, floor mat, side seat, side table, rugs, cushions, or curtains. For balance, you could also frame posters and flags to elevate the space to give a decent momentary touch.

Frame their Favorite Characters

Nicely framed photos make perfect decoration pieces as teens grow up, and it’s also not very expensive to add photo frames to the room. Almost all teens have an obsession with some specific TV or movie character or some sports etc. You could add those interests to the wall, and it would make them feel outstanding. It can also be the addition of their favorite games such as guitar, skateboards, kites, etc. Adding own picture walls is also very trendy these days for young teens.

Source Cool Lighting

Instead of installing basic white lights, go for something aesthetic and relaxed such as boohoo. You can also use the digitally controlled changing lights; some of them can change color during different times of the day or simply run along with the music.

Cozy Floor Seating

Adding oversized cushions to your teen’s room will always be a good idea. It will add to the room’s coziness and be helpful while having sleepover guests as their friends.

Create an Accent Wall

It is not necessary to get expensive wall designs or wall art to decorate your room. A simple accent wall can add a lot to the look of your room.


You should keep in mind that decorating a teen’s room without honoring her likes and interest won’t increase the bond between you two. Design the room according to the average height of a 13 year old in mind, which must have her size measured for the bed size, and everything else should be proportional with the theme and style while considering your budget. After these considerations, everything should be practical and in tune with their interests. Always keep space for changes and do not go for costly and long-lasting as interest changes with growing age. The aesthetic theme is almost every teen’s favorite, so that would be a good idea for sure while decorating a teen’s room.

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