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Customized Home Security Systems and how they can help secure your home.

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Home Security has become essential than ever due to the growing crime rate. You will have peace of mind on your vacations knowing your home is secure and safe, and you can monitor it from this much distance. With the growing technology, you can have customized home security systems installed, and with house alarm services, it will be easier for you to know if someone is trespassing. Sometimes the alarm services are available in neighborhoods where if someone trespasses, you can ring the alarm, and local police will come to help you out.

History of Customized Home Security Systems.

ADT Control:

American District Telegraph was introduced by Edward Callahan back in 1874; almost 1400 years ago, he created a telegraph-based call box that sent signals to a central office for help. After that, he went on to connect 50 other houses with that and made the first residential security system. In 1890 ADT started employing “rounds men” these men used to make rounds around customer’s houses to make sure there wasn’t any crime taking place.

In 1920 ADT introduced the first-ever central monitoring system making them pioneers in that. In 1940 they introduced the first Burglar system and installed automated fire alarms, enabling immediate responses to a fire emergency. In 1989 secured by ADT, they introduced yard signs that turned out to be popular, and now these signs are present in millions of houses around America.

In 2010 ADT pulse was launched; the pulse is an app that lets a customer control their home’s security from a distance. The services you can avail from virtually anywhere include:

  • Instant Alerts: You get an instant alert when there is a change in your system’s status, or a door is unlocked.
  • Remote Arm and Disarm: You can arm and disarm your system from anywhere.
  • Live Video: You can view live videos to keep an eye on your house, and you can check what’s up when there is an alarm from one of your sensors.
  • Smart Lighting: One of the things we like to do is leave our lights on so our home looks occupied. Now you can control that virtually from a distance and turn them on and off anytime according to your routine.
  • Door Locks: You can lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere so you can let someone in you don’t want to give your keys to, like your house help or dog walker.
  • Climate Control: You can control your climate according to your preference and reduce your energy costs.

Amazon’s Alexa seamlessly integrates with ADT security systems. It makes voice control a lot easier; you can use voice control for a lot of functions. You can also use an Alexa guard to enhance the capabilities of your smoke and CO detectors.

customized home security

Xfinity Home Security:

Another home security system you can use is Xfinity Home; they offer customizable home security systems. They offer home security and home security plus plans. The home security plan goes as low as $30 per month and includes;

  • Cellular+ battery backup incases of emergency.
  • It lets you control your tv with the Xfinity voice remote.
  • Receive real-time alerts when your doors open
  • It requires no contract.
  • If there is a security smoke alarm, trained specialists dispatch authorities.

Home security plus plan goes as low as $40 per month. It includes all of the facilities mentioned above, along with a review of your entire week in a video clip stored in cloud storage. You can easily search the footage by people, pet activity, and vehicle, which will help you find the snippets of moments you need to see fast.

They provide tailored pieces of equipment according to the size of your home. Their base home system is worth 15 dollars per month for 24 months, or you can pay 360 dollars at once; this is only for households with one to two entrances.

The complete home system is 20 dollars per month for 24 months, or you can pay 480 dollars at once; Which is good for homes with a lot of doors and windows. The ultimate home system is 25 dollars per month for 24 months, or you can pay 600 dollars at once; That is good for larger homes that require full protection. If you don’t need professional monitoring, you can keep an eye on your house using life and recorded video and motion detection. That is all on your terms and that too only for $10 a month.

You can access your home security system using the Xfinity app; you can select away from home mode to arm and disarm your locks from virtually anywhere in real-time. You can also integrate it with smart home devices seamlessly and check live footage using HD video.

Features to look out for in a Smart Home Security Camera:

Customized Home Security Systems
Customized Home Security Systems

Not everyone has the money to buy a home security system, so what you can do is invest in a Camera; many of them offer a handful of features that you can use. The first thing you should make sure is connected to the internet to access it remotely; the camera will be less useful if it doesn’t have an internet connection and you can’t access it from a distance.

The next thing you should make sure of is that the camera has a wide-angle view that way, you can install only one camera in the corner of your room, and you will be able to see the entirety of your room with that, and you won’t clutter your places with a lot of devices.

Make sure your camera has night vision. It is helpful when you’re out of the house, and there are no lights or even at night when you need to keep an eye on what’s going on. On the outside, it all gets better if your camera supports night color vision.

Two-way audio is super helpful; most of the cameras have a microphone, but only some have a speaker. It is a convenient extra feature with a speaker. You can communicate through the speaker. When you’re monitoring your kids, you can talk to them through that and your babysitters and even your pets.

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