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How Long Does It Take To Install A HVAC System – 5 things that can affect your installation.

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Investing in an HVAC system for your home can be a great investment and one that will pay itself off many times over once it’s properly installed. However, this particular project is rather complex and requires the expertise of a professional HVAC technician who has the specialized tools, knowledge, and experience required to install a fully working system for your home.

Climate control for the home is a great choice for homeowners who find the summers in their local areas too hot and humid, and winters too cold. Not only does it save in energy costs, it also improves the quality of life for homeowners and their families when spending time at home either together or alone.

So if you’re planning on installing a HVAC system for your home, you’re probably wondering “how long is it going to take?”. Well, let’s try to answer this question in the article below and we will also look at some considerations that affect the timeframe of this rewarding project.

What happens during an HVAC system installation?

When you fix an appointment for a HVAC system installation, the lead technician will first assess the layout of your home once he arrives, either with his crew or alone. This assessment is a crucial step in making sure that you would only pay for what you need to set up a full HVAC system in your home. Then, the technician will go through a checklist and check a few things related to the project with you, and then give you a final quote based on the results of the assessment.

If you agree, then the work commences, with the technician and his crew using drop cloths and floor protectors to keep your floors and walls clean and safe from any kind of damage while the installation is in progress.

During the installation, hacking and cutting is expected because of the fact that a fully-functional HVAC system requires the use of drain lines, flush pipes, ducting, extra electronic  or other associated components, in order to meet building code standards. These are usually kept to the minimal in order to avoid unnecessary damage and extra repair work to your home. 

Once the installation process is complete, the technician and his crew fully inspects the system, running it through tests and several diagnostics in order to ensure that it runs as it should.

Factors that affect HVAC system installation time

There are several factors that affect the amount of time needed for a HVAC installation project, and even before giving you a time frame, a HVAC technician has to first conduct a visual inspection of your home followed by the worksite where the unit is to be installed. Here are some major factors that affect installation time below.

  1. The size of your home

Generally speaking, a larger home requires more time to complete a full HVAC installation. This is a result of the additional material and manpower required to lay out any kind of ducting, refrigerant lines and flush lines across extended areas across your home to link to the HVAC unit. In average sized homes, it normally takes about a full day or two of work to complete a full HVAC system installation, but if your home is bigger than normal, expect to have it completed in several days or so.

  1. The layout of your home

The more complicated the layout of your home, the more time it takes for the technician to complete the HVAC installation. If your home layout requires the technician to navigate across tight corners, crawl spaces or in the attic or basement, then he would take more time to finish the project as compared to a straightforward home layout.

  1. The type of installation required

Another thing to consider is: Are you simply just changing out your old HVAC system for a newer one? Or are you installing a HVAC system where there didn’t use to be any before? A full HVAC system installation from scratch will definitely take longer, as ductwork needs to be laid out and joined accordingly and secured to their respective working areas.

If you’re just replacing your old HVAC unit, this will take significantly less time as all of the necessary equipment is already set up from your older unit and just needs replacing.

  1. The HVAC unit type used

The HVAC unit type you use will also affect how long the installation process will take. For example, a typical centralized air-conditioning unit will take longer to install than a mini-split system, whereas a gas furnace HVAC system will take much longer than air conditioning systems due to the fact that it has to connect to the gas mains securely.

  1. The location of your HVAC unit

Is your home on a high floor? Or do you have a home with a high roof? If so, the technicians would require the use of a crane to lift the HVAC unit to your home and assemble and secure it to the area that is specified. In such cases, manpower is often doubled, as this is considered a complex installation. However this doesn’t always mean less time is taken, as you should always plan ahead if any unforeseen issues happen during this delicate process.

How long does a HVAC system install take?

If you’re setting up a full HVAC system from scratch in an average-sized home with an accessible roof or work area where the HVAC unit will be located, then set aside a full day or two of work to complete the project. For larger homes, you’ll need several days.

If you’re just replacing an old HVAC system, it could take as little as one day of work, or a little more, depending on the size of your home.

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