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These 7 smart devices will change your home

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Woman controlling smart home devices with a voice commands

What if you can connect your home appliances with smart devices that can send information, communicate, and take your commands from anywhere? Smart home devices are exactly what these sound like.

These smart home devices can let you control items via voice commands or applications remotely to make your life easier.

 Google home max

Get hands-free help with Google home Max from Google assistant. Ask Google home max a question, control smart home devices or even tell it to do things with ease.

Google Home Max can work with 1000+ smart home devices, from 150+ brands. Google Home Max uses machine learning with smart sound to adjust equalizer settings as per your room’s acoustics. Enjoy a well-balanced sound wherever you are going to place it.

Key Features:

  • Play your favorite sounds from YouTube music, pandora, Spotify and more.
  • Google home max can hear you access the room or anything else with far-field voice control.
  • Google Home Max comes up with a sensor and carefully crafted shape, to let you place your Google Home Max horizontally or vertically.

 Google nest hub

Google Nest Hub can provide help at a glance in any room of your home. With built-in Google assistant you can see your latest photos collection from Google photos. Also, Google Nest Hub will let you control and view your devices from a single dashboard.

Simply, you can use voice commands to watch your favorite videos on YouTube on crystal clear speakers. Also, get your customized calendars, answers from google, commute, and more with voice match. Enjoy your little movements with Google Nest Hub more conveniently.

Features which makes it a recommended product:

  • Control and view your connected lights, TVs, cameras and other devices with Google Nest Hub.
  • View your personalized calendar, reminders, commute and more with Google assistant.
  • Google Nest Hub is designed to fit in any room of your home naturally.

 MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

This smart device can let you control your garage door remotely. A completely easier to use garage door opener that can work with your prior garage door openers seamlessly. This smart device can work with all the major garage door openers’ brands made after 1993 with standard safety sensors.

Why you should get this product?

  • Wireless yet simple installation with easier step-by-step guide.
  • You can invite up to 3 people to access your garage with a guest feature of MyQ.
  • Control and track your garage door opening and closing with My Q application.

 Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Ecobee smart thermostat offers integration with your smart home system including Apple Home kit, Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. This is an award-winning smart thermostat that comes up with a crisp glass finish, powerful quad core processor, vivid touch display, far field voice and dual-band wi-fi.

Overall, this is a best Ecobee smart thermostat with voice control like no other in the market.

Key Features:

  • Smart sensor of Ecobee thermostat keeps your rooms comfortable by adjusting the thermostat based on temperature and occupancy.
  • Save up to 23% annually by reduced wasting energy on your home’s cooling and heating.
  • A step-by-step guide on Ecobee app and a video walkthrough can make it easier to install Ecobee thermostat by yourself.

 August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock pro system stands out not only because of its smart integration but also because you can open this lock with your voice thanks to Alexa echo support. Even more, this lock is amazingly easier to install. You don’t have to destroy your existing lock supports to set it up and running.

How this is a unique product?

  • August Smart Lock pro is compatible with Alexa for voice control.
  • Biometric verification via facial and fingerprint recognition can let you ensure added security, when you are opening your door remotely.
  • August Smart Lock Pro can let you track your doorstep activities with a 24/7 activity feed.

 Smart Alexa Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs aren’t about dimming only, these can have colored lights for different occasions, security lighting with different zones, to make turning lights on easier or anything else. Peteme Smart light bulb is the best smart gadget for your home. Just download the Smart Life application and control your light bulbs individually or create group lamps.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Alexa Echo, Google Home Assistant and Echo dot.
  • Control Peteme Smart light bulb with your voice or given commands to turn these ON/OFF.
  • Peteme Smart light bulb can create your favorite light effects with about 16 million colors. Surprisingly, each color’s brightness is dimmable.

  Smart Plug Gosund Smart Wi-Fi Outlet

With Smart plugs you can wave goodbye effectively to panics about leaving your home appliances on. This smart plug can let you enjoy a hand-free experience. Set timers on your smart plug to save energy. Download the Gosund app and control your plugs from anywhere.

Fortunately, these smart plugs are based on premium techniques and materials including:

  • V-0 flame thermoplastics of retardant grade
  • Advanced PCBA
  • Pure copper connects

These are effective to offer overload protection and avoid fire hazards to ensure your family’s safety.

Key Features:

  • It works with Google Home Assistant and Alexa and can let you control your home appliances with voice commands.
  • Plug your home appliances into smart outlets and control these from anywhere via Gosund app.
  • The Gosund smart plugs are easier to install.

Build a helpful home with these smart devices and keep your home safe and secure in the best possible way. Have the best smart home experience with the above-mentioned smart devices and bring more convenience to your life.

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